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Almased is a powder made from soy, skim milk yogurt powder and enzyme-rich honey. This powder has essential amino acids and it is easy for your body to absorb. Almased is made from foods that are not GMO and has nothing artificial.

One of the ways Almased works is by capitalizing on the body’s natural process, the metabolism. Our metabolisms can become dysfunctional when we eat overly processed foods that do not have the correct amino acids or enzymes. When this happens, our metabolisms do not work as well and fewer calories are burned. This is why you can feel sluggish and gain weight even if you do not think you are over eating. Almased is designed to work naturally and encourage your metabolism to work at its best. Once your metabolism is working properly again, it is less likely that you will gain weight back after the Almased diet is over. An important ingredient used that is not found in other diet programs is honey. Honey is naturally filled with enzymes and amino acids that work to get your metabolism back on track. This is why it is such a powerful dietary supplement. Honey is made up of over 80 ingredients and fructose is the main ingredient. Almased has been shown to support healthy blood sugar and insulin levels. Honey also has beneficial effects on digestion and the immune system.

Almased Multi Protein Powder 17.6OZ

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When protein, such as the soy found in Almased, is easily digestible, then you feel full longer and this makes it less likely that you snack or overeat. Almased makes sure that you maintain a healthy blood sugar level by using hormones like leptin and ghrelin. Leptin is a hormone that has a central role in fat metabolism and it affects your appetite by telling your brain that the body has had enough to eat. The Almased diet creates a lower insulin level that helps the body burn more fat. And the body takes its energy from fat deposits so you lose weight. When you replace your dinner with an Almased shake, you will speed up fat burning overnight. Almased limits your hunger and improves the conversion of fat into heat. Your body uses energy from fat for the nightly repair of cells that were damaged during the day. In this way, you will lose weight while you are asleep.

You may notice that you lose more weight in the beginning than later in the diet. But this is normal and still means you are losing weight safely. Almased uses essential nutrients and phytochemicals. This helps to maintain your metabolism. You will have more energy and you will notice that you can perform daily tasks easily. Almased makes sure that you keep good blood levels, including cholesterol and blood sugar. It strengthens your immune system and is a good protein supplement everyone. This dietary supplement is research based and a healthy and safe way for you to lose weight and change poor eating patterns you have acquired over the years.

Almased Wellness Tea 3.5 oz

best tea for weight loss
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Preparing the dietary supplement is very simple. All you have to do is mix the Almased Powder with ten to twelve ounces of water, skim milk, almond milk or soy milk. Generally it is not a good idea to use tap water since chlorine is added to most waters. Chlorine destroys enzymes which decreases the effectiveness of the Almased. Instead mix Almased with filtered water. The best weight loss results seem to happen when Almased is mixed in water. You will have to add the fatty acids that your body needs and you can do this by using 1-2 teaspoons of olive, flaxseed or canola oil to each shake. The shake may not taste too good as it is. So you can flavor your Almased shake however you like with things like cinnamon, unsweetened cocoa powder, vanilla or almond. Almased should be made fresh just before you are ready to drink it. But be careful Almased cannot be mixed with hot liquids because extreme temperature changes (hot or cold) can change the proteins and reduce their potency. Do not store unused portion of the shakes.

Side effects on the Almased diet almost never happen, and if they do, they do not last more than a day or two. For example, in the first 2 days you might have a headache and this is normal. Drinking more water and taking magnesium, vitamin C & E will help alleviate your headache. There are also some beneficial side effects such as clearer skin, higher energy, better sleep, rejuvenation of the body, enhanced senses and reduced stress levels.


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